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Bathing and mental well-being, does it help?

The Benefits of Taking a Bath

Many people are aware of the benefits to taking a bath after a long day on your feet. It is better than a shower in many ways, which is why you should consider running a bath instead at least once a week.

Bathing doesnt have to be a long wait for the tub to fill, some people choose water only, whilst others use bubble bath. Many people are finding the benefits and fun of using bath bombs, essential oils, and many other products for therapeutic purposes.

We know bathing is great for relaxation, but  can also be medicinal. A good example, people dealing with aches in their joints may find taking a warm bath will alleviate pain. Some woman find that a warm bath is great for help dealing with PMS symptoms such as cramping and back aches.

A nice steamy bath with essential oils, such a eucalyptus can help relieve chest congestion. Herbal baths can also help with skin problems that some may experience.

So we are aware of the physical reasons why we should bath regularly, but lets not forget the psychological benefits to bathing, because taking a nice warm bath at least once a week may be exactly what you need to help depression, anxiety and stress.

Baths for Depression, Anxiety, and Stress

When you find yourself struggling with depression, anxiety or stress, it’s important to have a relief plan and put it to action. We know we need to take a moment by ourselves without all the distractions life throws at us. Choosing to take a nice warm soak in the bath could be a great choice. You may also find this helps you sleep better also.

To enhance the experience, put your phone down, grab a book and light a sweet-smelling candle or incense. If your phone needs to be in the room, try putting some soothing music on to provide a calming ambience.

So what are we saying?

When you are looking for ways to relax and unwind, remember not to overlook the faithful bath tub, and take at least 20 minutes for you. At FizzingFantastic we believe the benefits to taking a bath are clear. Bathing can be fun and take away our problems and enable us to sleep better. Check out our well-being bath bombs made with bath salts, made for any occasion.

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