About FizzingFantastic

Why did we start

Hello and welcome to our little bit of the internet! In short FizzingFantastic is a small business, that we started February 2017.  We started as a little project whilst I (Anthone) was looking for work. My partner (Laura) who would regularly visit a very popular highstreet shop that smells Lush! So we thought it would be a fun little project to see if we could do a smilar thing.

What happened

When FizzingFantastic got its first customer it was an amazing feeling of achievement. Slowly FizzingFantastic was gaining more customers & a small following. We really enjoy what we do, & really love all of the products we have on FizzingFantastic. .

What is happening now

Now in 2018 FizzingFantastic is a family run business with a brand new website, and even better products. We are so excited to share all of our products with you all. FizzingFantastic takes great pride in giving our customers the best service, with the highest quality natural luxury products, at fair prices!

Follow us

We would love for you to follow us on Instagram & Facebook, so we can keep you informed with all our wonderful products and competitions.

Thank you for visiting FizzingFantastic.co.uk, now go grab have bath bomb, & enjoy the fizz!