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Social media presence, not so easy!

Building a social presence, not so easy! Hello everyone, today has been a productive day, workng on our social media presence. When we first thought about how great it would be to start a small business, we completely underestimated the importance of understanding social media. You think “right I need a website” and “I need […]

Bathing and mental well-being, does it help?

The Benefits of Taking a Bath Many people are aware of the benefits to taking a bath after a long day on your feet. It is better than a shower in many ways, which is why you should consider running a bath instead at least once a week. Bathing doesnt have to be a long […]

We discuss 5 key benefits to bathing

We pick 5 key benefits to bathing instead of hopping in the shower. We discuss 5 key benefits to bathing. FizzingFantastic love bath bombs and know they can make bathing fun, however here are 5 more key benefits to bathing. 1. Fighting coldsĀ  When fighting a cold or flu, your sinuses and throat can become […]