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Social media presence, not so easy!

Building a social presence, not so easy!

Hello everyone, today has been a productive day, workng on our social media presence. When we first thought about how great it would be to start a small business, we completely underestimated the importance of understanding social media. You think “right I need a website” and “I need products to sell”. After you have your website, how do you get people to visit your beautiful creation?

Social media

We set ourselves up with a Facebook page, and invited everyone we know to join. Some join but the majority don’t, so how on earth do we get other people to join us? It all sounds easy when your thinking about the idea’s, but the reality is far from easy. We have Facebook & Instagram, I still do not understand Twitter, so we will focus on the first two. Now all we have to do is show our products so we can gain interest. It’s a slow process using social media without paying for ads but given time it will work.


Now we have our website, we have social media accounts, even a few followers so whats next? building a network with like-minded people and other small business all with the same common goal. We all want to gain the attention of consumers and show them our fantastic products. This is another time-consuming part of building your small business, but keep going, your hard work will reward you.


Often overlooked, and for me the hardest bit. We can all see what others are doing within the network we have joined, but we want to create unique and different idea’s of marketing our products. We see things and ask how do you do that? the answer is boring again, lots of practise, time and research on techniques. Theres is also a lot of good free software available but much more bad software. So again keep going, keep learning and you will succeed.

Enjoying what we do

What I have learnt is that I enjoy what we are doing, creating and building this small business. As long as we enjoy what we do, and keep learning Fizzingfantastic will succeed in the end.

Below are some of theĀ  results of learning to market our products, which can only improve right?

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